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We’ll send you qualified tenants, verify their ID, schedule the viewings and eSign all documents!

How the HomeMatchTT App Works for Agents

Sign Up to Get Your Property Listed & Matched in Minutes

Our algorithm is learning the clients in our market to better suggest listings on the features that matter. Once your property is listed, our HomeFinder algorithm will immediately suggest your property to buyers and renters that match your listing. Once a property is leased or sold, it is removed from the system automatically so that clients are never offered unavailable options.

24/7 Lead Generation from Qualified Renters

Our goal is to get every property sold & rented fast at fair market value. Our AI-enhanced property matching system captures qualified local and expat renters and buyers ready to move within 60 days. Those listings you spent minutes making, once a confirmed matched is received by a client, it opens a message in your “messaging” system. Easily converse, request ID & documentation and send eSign documents from your DMs – WhatsApp can’t do that!

Trusted broker

We'll Schedule Safer, Vetted Viewings

Once a renter confirms interest in your property, you can require them to upload an ID and job letter/references before scheduling a viewing. After the ID is verified via our SecureID process, if you approve of the client, you can send suggested times for property viewings. You can  suggest alternative times, all within the HomeMatchTT Agent Messaging Portal.

We'll Completely Service the Client

Once a client is ready to make an offer, you will receive the offer and terms in the HomeMatchTT Portal. If negotiations need to take place, the offers and term details can be fine-tuned in our Portal until the final terms are accepted.

We'll Take Care of The Pesky Paperwork​

Hooray the offer and terms have been accepted! For rentals, we will send the digital lease for eSignatures and once signed digitally, we will send the copies of the lease to everyone, including you. As each party signs, you will receive a notification to help identify delays in the signing process. Once complete, you will suggest the final walkthrough date (or closing date) for payment and key exchange, all inside the HomeMatchTT portal.

We'll Keep The Client Close

We will keep in touch with your client and offer them useful tips and advice. For renters, once the 9-month signing anniversary comes, we will start initiating offers to help them find a new place, or if they’re happy, we’ll continue to check in regularly. For homeowners, we will send monthly newsletters informing them of market changes and inviting them to estimate their home value. Our goal is to keep our clients happy and our agents “front-of-mind” for any real estate needs, including helping them purchase a home in the future.

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How Much Will All This Cost?

HomeMatchTT Portal

Per-Lease, Signing Only
$ 25 One-time USD payment
  • Landlord access
  • Digital Lease eSignatures with SecureID & Docs
  • Portal access to manage rental pipeline

HomeMatchTT Portal Plus

Full Service
$ 99 Monthly USD
  • Up to 1 Agents
  • Unlimited leads & property matches
  • Unlimited viewing appointments with Secure ID
  • 20 Digital Lease eSignatures monthly (add on packs of 10 for $89.99 flat)
  • Portal access to manage rental pipeline
  • SMS Alerts

HomeMatchTT Enterprise Portal

Full Service + Promotion
$ 499 Monthly USD
  • Up to 15 Agents
  • Unlimited leads & property matches
  • Unlimited viewing appointments with Secure ID
  • Unlimited Lease signings
  • Portal access to manage rental pipeline
  • SMS Alerts
  • Upgraded property listings
  • Premium placement in property matches
  • Properties featured in FB, IG & Google Display Ads

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9 Tips & Guidance for Renting Property in Trinidad and Tobago real estate agent Roberto in Scarborough Mansion Tobago

Get Qualified and You're In!

We take all of our reputations and safety seriously. Although Trinidad and Tobago doesn’t have a formal licensing process, registration with the FIU is required to garner trust and confidence from our clients. We also give preference to AREA member agents.  Just as we require an ID from every prospective tenant, we also require the utmost integrity and professionalism from our Agents.