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The Future of Real Estate is Near: HomeMatchTT App – Just Weeks from Alpha Release!

Let your voice be heard – we’re building the future of real estate for you!

Rejoice our esteemed real estate agents! We’re thrilled to share that we’ve completed nearly three months of research, design & development of the HomeMatchTT app, and we’re just weeks away from the official launch—a moment that’s set to transform the real estate landscape in Trinidad and Tobago.

We are a group of American realtors and software engineers who have tackled projects for Fortune 100 companies and now move as an agile unit of product developers, moving in new frontiers, bringing digital transformation to the globe. We believe the Caribbean deserves robust business tools in line with the changing landscape of digitization. We are focused on the incredible growth businesses experience who embrace this new future.

As our trusted partners and for believing in our mission and vision, we are excited to offer you an exclusive sneak peek of what’s in store. With 80% of the app development completed, we’re closer than ever to introducing a game-changing platform in TnT designed to empower your real estate business isle-to-isle. In this post, we’ll tease a few of the features that make HomeMatchTT unique and a hint of what’s yet to come.

Free Yourself from Outdated Websites, Expensive Aggregators & Paperwork that Drive Clients Crazy

eSign leases with homematchTT

We thought we’d start with what we sought to remove from the market when looking over the competitive offerings. Our mission to improve the real estate landscape came from our own entanglements when searching for a home in Glencoe using real estate sites that were difficult and frustrating with old listings.

  • No more terrible search functions – we have advanced search and filtering with an algorithm that learns our customers’ market preferences to make incredibly accurate matches
  • No more outdated websites – forget the websites, 92% prefer an app, be in your customer’s pocket!
  • No more terrible customer support – we answer within an hour (or minutes)
  • No more paperwork and wasted trips – esign documents and prequalify clients
  • No more WhatsApp messages – communicate, schedule & sign clients in-app

Advanced Search: Empowering Your Property Search

At the heart of HomeMatchTT lies a reimagined, advanced search functionality. We understand that your role as a real estate agent is to find properties that perfectly match your clients’ needs and to allow clients to find your listings that are perfect matches. Our advanced search feature enables you and your clients to do just that. Whether it’s a client seeking a luxury home in Maraval or an investor looking for commercial properties in San Fernando, our platform allows users to tailor their search to match their exact criteria. It’s a tool that is also learning – it builds a knowledge library of what’s important to empowering you to deliver exceptional service and provide your clients with precisely what they’re looking for.

eSign & SecureID: Simplifying Transactions for You and Your Clients

We know that the real estate transaction process can be filled with paperwork and signatures. That’s where our eSign and SecureID features come in. With HomeMatchTT, you can digitally handle contracts, agreements, and other documents with ease. SecureID adds a layer of safety and security by using the client’s uploaded identification and social cues ensures that these transactions are secure and compliant with industry standards.

Using the HomeMatchTT you can prequalify clients based on job letters, salary and provided references – before setting up a viewing. We’re committed to simplifying your workflow and ensuring that your clients have a smooth and secure real estate experience.

Direct Messaging: Streamlining Communication

Effective communication is at the core of real estate success. HomeMatchTT facilitates direct messaging between you, your clients, and other agents. No more delays in emails or phone calls—our in-app messaging feature streamlines communication, ensuring that you can connect with relevant parties promptly.

Our messaging has tools only visible to the agent. Request ID, documents and suggest viewings with the click of a button – inside the chat. It’s all about making the process efficient and hassle-free for both you and your clients. Reserve your time for qualified clients who are ready to move quickly on listings.

What’s on the Horizon?

While HomeMatchTT is almost complete, we’re not stopping there! Here’s a sneak peek at some exciting features that are currently in development:

Home Value Estimator: Your clients often ask about property values. HomeMatchTT will soon offer a feature that provides property value estimates in the listing, giving you insights to answer these questions confidently. After our algorithm is trained on enough data, we’ll share the results before we put it in beta.

Mortgage Assistance: We understand that clients may need financing options. Our upcoming mortgage calculator and daily rates chart will help clients explore mortgage solutions and help you guide your clients toward the best financial options.

Neighborhood and Crime Profiles: Informed decisions are essential. HomeMatchTT will provide neighborhood profiles, offering insights into local amenities, schools, and crime statistics. It’s a tool to assist you in guiding your clients to the perfect location for their new property.

Early Access Program Features: Part of the excitement lies in the unknown – what we’ll discover in these final weeks of development will help determine the missing features needed for an enduring solution. HomeMatchTT will unveil additional features based on insights gained from our Early Access Program. We can’t wait to surprise you with constantly innovating tools designed to enhance your real estate business. This is YOUR app and we need YOUR voice to keep it top-notch.

Join the Early Access Program and Have Your Say

As valued partners, we’d love for you to be a part of our Early Access Program. As such, we invite you to a free demo to see this revolutionary app yourself. Through the Early Access program, you have exclusive access to experience HomeMatchTT before anyone else and to work with us in shaping the app to better serve your real estate business. By joining, you’ll gain exclusive access to new features, provide valuable feedback on bugs, and help shape the app’s features to meet your clients’ needs. Don’t miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of the future of real estate in Trinidad and Tobago.

Register now for the free zoom demo and come decide to become part of the Early Access Program. Unfortunately, we can only accommodate 100 agents and brokers for our free demo and even fewer in our Early Access Program. If you can’t join our pre-launch initiatives, don’t worry, the HomeMatchTT app will be available for download soon! Join our newsletter to stay up to date!