ChatGPT Will Expose Your Competition and Help You Win

5 Shocking Ways ChatGPT Will Expose Your Competition And Beat Them

How ChatGPT Will Expose Your Competition:

1 – ChatGPT Will Expose Your Competition if You Use “Copyright Takedown” For Unauthorized Use of Your Images

how ChatGPT will expose your competition using Copyright Takedowns
How ChatGPT will expose your competition using Copyright Takedowns

Brokers and agents stealing your pictures that you took your time and dedication to get them uniquely just right? Get their competing listing taken down with copyright takedown when you show ownership of your images. Even if you’re not a real estate agent or property manager, using this method on copyright claims on your creative works is a winning strategy.

Prompt: Scan active real estate listings for these images in Port of Spain market {add images}
Extra Tip: add specific real estate listing sites to search (,, etc.) to help the AI quickly locate where the listings might be or add the property address as an optional match

How to Win: If any sites are returned that do not have permission to use your images, use the contact information to send a “Copyright Takedown” request and demand that the images are taken down immediately. This gives you the competitive edge of exclusivity of your listing until the agent actually takes pictures and uploads them.

Pro-Tip: Engage with the owner to solicit exclusivity by highlighting the “dead” listing online which reflects badly on the property.

2 – ChatGPT Will Expose Your Competition if You Expose Fakery in Their Social Media Profiles

ChatGPT will expose your competition when they buy followers
ChatGPT will expose your competition when they buy followers

So you have been doing great building your audience, you’ve got a few hundred or maybe a few thousand followers but you’ve noticed your competitor has 10s or 100s of thousands of followers and they just started. How the heck did that happen? Let’s ask ChatGPT about the likelihood that their profile followers are authentic.

Prompt: Assume the role of an expert social media manager and analyze the following social link to determine what percentage of the followers on this profile are authentic using interaction, follower profile pictures, follower profile names having random numbers and repeated comments to detect inauthentic behavior and traits. {social profile link}
Extra Tip: Check your own rating as a point of reference and to see how authentic your following is.

How to Win: It tells you a lot by analyzing the methods your competition employs to get ahead. If your competition is buying followers they are probably willing to employ other black hat tactics to get ahead in the market. But not to worry, you should also surmise that without substance, all of these methods are caught by the platform which results in shadow banning which severely impacts their social reach.

Pro Tip: Be sure to follow their followers to encourage them to follow you, so that your content is delivered to them when your competition’s content becomes limited.

3 – ChatGPT Will Expose Your Competition if You Uncover AI Content on Their Website

ChatGPT will expose your competition ai content
ChatGPT will expose your competition ai content

ChatGPT is amazing for enhancing content but it is horrible for authoring it. In fact, Google’s last algorithm eliminated many poorly written AI articles that enjoyed ranking for the last year and reprioritized content that could not be easily identified as AI.

Prompt: Out of 100%, estimate the likelihood of the content on this page being AI generated: {web page link}
Extra Tip: If you use ChatGPT for article writing, check your own rating as a point of reference and to see if your content is safe from AI content restrictions.

How to Win: If your competition is being penalized for AI content, its your opportunity to shine by creating AI-enhanced articles that allow you to maximize and outline or framework or revise your own efforts with a certain copywriting style or length. You know that anything currently ranking that fails the AI rating will also fall off of the search results opening up your content to rank even higher!

Pro-Tip: Whatever AI generated articles are ranking under your competitor, write a better article using the same ranking keywords and REPLACE them in the search results!

To summarize, ChatGPT can help you expose your competition in three key ways:

  • First, you can reclaim your images by initiating copyright takedowns on competing listings that use your pictures.
  • Second, you can assess the authenticity of your competitor’s social media followers to uncover potential fakery in their profiles and build your audience from their followers.
  • Third, you can identify AI-generated content on their websites, taking advantage of Google’s algorithm updates to boost your own content’s ranking.

These strategies can help you gain a competitive edge and maintain transparency in your industry. Interested in using ChatGPT with a trusted partner? Explore joining HomeMatchTT to gain access to the industry’s most robust tools in the real estate market.