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8 Prompts in ChatGPT for Real Estate Agents to Write Fast & Fabulous Property Listings

Never Fear The Prompt

Staring at a blank prompt? You will understand how to use ChatGPT for real estate agents to improve your listings to go from tedious to tremendous without the struggle. The secret to generate compelling rental listings using ChatGPT, is crafting natural and engaging prompts that guide the AI to the type of result you want.

Remember, you are using the AI brain to search high-and-low to fill in the gaps for you – build out the perfect listing in your client’s mind, gathering all of the info you can. This is really important in markets where multiple agents represent the same listings. Stand out by doing what other agents aren’t! Here are some prompts and guidance to upgrade your sales and rental listings immediately:

Use the Property Address to Generate Property Description:

  • Prompt: “19 Cascade Road, Cascade Trinidad. Describe this rental property, including its type, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and any unique features. Write from the perspective of a top agent in the Caribbean market, in a friendly, bubbly tone”
  • Guidance: Rely on ChatGPT’s ability to search the internet for all previous listings of this property, public records and social interactions around to pull specifics and features of the home itself. Review accuracy of final descriptions to make sure they reflect the property today. It’s not so hard to see the benefits of using chatgpt for real estate agents – its like a super power!

Use the Same Address to Get Location and Neighborhood Info:

  • Prompt: “Tell me about the location and neighborhood of this property. What amenities, attractions, or schools are nearby?”
  • Guidance: ChatGPT will stay in conversation mode to continue answering questions about the property to include the neighborhood and location within the context of the address provided. Focus on the neighborhood’s strengths, its target demographic’s appeal, convenience, and lifestyle. You can also query the average home values or rental values in the neighborhood to generate commentary on how good a deal this property is.
ChatGPT will expose your competition ai content
ChatGPT will expose your competition ai content

Generate Amenities and Features from the Public Domain:

  • Prompt: “List all the amenities and features included in this rental, such as appliances, pool or gym, special fixtures, or smart home technology.”
  • Guidance: Many properties have grounds amenities, like condos, apartments and townhomes. Depending on how new the property is and where it has been featured, this may yield limited results, but if you know that this is a special property that has been featured in the press or by other brokers, you can pull the details in and be sure to highlight the value and uniqueness of the home.

Call Out HOA/Maintenance Fees from Recent Listings:

  • Prompt: “Summarize HOA or maintenance fees, requirements or neighborhood rules.”
  • Guidance: If your listing is in a building, townhome community or gated community, there may be HOA or maintenance fees already published online. Remember to check what the AI returns to be sure it is factual and current.

Highlight Outdoor Specifics Unique to the Property:

  • Prompt: “Add the square footage of the property and any garden features such as pool, green space, parking, fruit trees, water features”
  • Guidance: The size of the property should be easily accessible through public record searches and previous listings unless the property is brand new.

7. Parking and Storage:

  • Prompt: “Explain the parking and storage options available with this rental property.”
  • Guidance: Clarify parking arrangements and any storage facilities, such as garages or sheds.

8. Pet Policies:

  • Prompt: “Share the pet policies for this rental, including any restrictions or additional fees.”
  • Guidance: Clearly communicate your policies regarding pets and any associated costs.

9. Neighborhood Highlights:

  • Prompt: “What are some notable highlights of the neighborhood that tenants might appreciate?”
  • Guidance: Mention local attractions, dining options, and community features to entice potential renters.

Using ChatGPT for Real Estate Agents Summary

To get the best results, ensure your prompts are clear and concise while also being inviting and informative. Provide details that will help potential tenants envision themselves living in the property. Additionally, to engage with ChatGPT for real estate agents, it’s important to ask follow-up questions to gather more information or refine the listing further.